What is included in the ticket?

Your ticket includes: all activities, on-site camping, water, and all the amenities necessary for a dream weekend.

Is the ticket refundable?

No, that's not the case, but we encourage you to share with the large Anathafest community if you need to resell your ticket.

What is included in the VIP ticket?

The VIP ticket includes a set of exclusive benefits and privileges such as a reserved resting area, privileged access to ice bath and spa facilities, special drinks and snacks, as well as the use of private toilets. That said, we don't appreciate the VIP concept at Anatha. Instead, we have created a concept called "Connection Space" because we value those who contribute more financially to our mission and reward them accordingly.


Can we sleep on site?

Yes, Anathafest offers numerous locations where you can camp in the great outdoors. You can also choose to experience van life or glamping by adding this option when purchasing your ticket.

What do we need to bring for the weekend?

Just come with the essentials to have a great weekend. No need to bring a thousand suitcases and loads of provisions; on the contrary, you'll tire yourself out walking to your camping spot with all your gear, whereas Anathafest provides all the amenities on-site for you.

Do you sell alcohol?

No, we do not sell alcohol. However, Anathafest adopts the "Come as you are" philosophy. So, you are free to bring whatever you need for a great weekend in your suitcase. However, please note that you will need to pass through the checkpoint at the entrance to avoid any dangerous items such as glass bottles, knives, etc.

What happens in case of rain?

We play in the rain, plain and simple. Note that there are covered spaces where you can take shelter if needed.

Are animals permitted on-site?

Yes! We do accept animals on-site. We kindly ask of you to look out for them and clean up after them to respect other participants.